Inspire Young People Aged 11-18 into Artificial Intelligence

To celebrate London Tech Week, Founders4SchoolsTeens in AI and CogX are running a Hackathon to inspire young people aged 11-18 into Artificial Intelligence.

We are on a mission to encourage young people to pursue computing and technology, and promote diversity in this ever-growing field.

Diverse teams of 2-4 students will be designing a product over a 2-week period and address one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Challenges with the use of AI. They will then go on to develop this product and create a short 3-minute video pitching this product.

Round 1: Video pitch

Competition opens May 10, 2019 - closes on 24 May, 2019

Schools host events where students develop their ideas with the help of mentors

Participants submit their pitches by 5 pm May 24, 2019 on Devpost

Regional Shortlisting: (20 finalist teams announced June 1, 2019)

Final Round: Finals Demo Day (June 10th and 12th at CogX)

10 June: Come and get inspired at Europe's largest festival for AI, CogX

12 June: Demo Day in front of Judges on Impact Stage at CogX - winners announced!

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  • Participants must be between the ages of 11 and 18.
  • Participants must be studying in a secondary school, Sixth Form or college based in London
  • Each group must be made up of 2-4 members and has to be gender-diverse, unless it is a single gender school, i.e. per group there must be a minimum of one boy and girl. Young people from multi-ethnic backgrounds, BAME, LGBT and on Free Schools Meals are strongly encouraged to participate - we need diversity in AI!
  • You must upload your video on YouTube and submit your video pitch no longer than 3 mins by 5 pm on May 24th for Round 1
  • You must publish any and all code written on Github and provide links. You must document and provide an explanation of how it can be run.
  • You must be able to demonstrate that everyone within your group has contributed.
  • Parents are not allowed to mentor teams where participants are their children.
  • Code needs to be new and will be verified - it must not belong to any previous project

Please read these full Rules of the Competition here:


1.1 DevPost is the Official Teens in AI competition submission site and allows you to submit all components required for your team’s entry. Note: submission elements and times are system controlled so no extensions are available!

1.2 Register all team members (including teacher & mentors) in DevPost (you'll need at least one person registered in DevPost to create and submit your project page).

1.3 Teams are required to submit the following as part of their competition entry on DevPost:

1.3.1 A descriptive project page in DevPost, listing your team members, with details about your project.

1.3.2 A Business Model Canvas (BMC) that lays out the elements of how your business idea and app could be brought to reality. When you are finished you'll have to upload an image of your canvas somewhere it can be accessed by our judges, (e.g. Google Docs, OneDrive, DropBox), and link to it from your DevPost project page.

1.3.3 A Software Application. This can be anything, e.g. a website, a mobile app, a game. You'll need to host your app somewhere that it can be viewed or download by our judges, and link to it from your DevPost project page. We suggest you use one of the many free or trial services available from the likes of Google, Azure, OpenShift, Heroku, GitHub, etc. (NB: Teens in AI does not provide any app hosting facilities.) Tip: your team should familiarise themselves with your hosting platform before the competition weekend.

1.3.4 A Pitch Video (maximum three minutes) that explains your Business Model Canvas and demos your app. You'll need to shoot and edit your video using your own equipment – laptop and phone camera quality will be fine. You'll also need to upload your video to YouTube (or similar) for our judges to view, and link to it from your DevPost project page. Remember that the judging panel is viewing the videos in isolation and doesn’t necessarily have any context around your project. You may mix in other elements with the screen-cast, such as footage demonstrating the issues your projects addresses, interviews, live action material you’ve filmed, et cetera – but be aware that videos that don’t focus on showing off the project itself will not be as valued as ones that do. Check out the hacker toolkit for some assistance and instruction on how to make a compelling video.

1.3.5 Outcomes from the project itself (any code, graphics, mashups, applications, website URLs, photos of each stage to create your artistic representation etc.). If judges are able to see and play with it that is useful, but this is a minor component of the judging. Teams can put the code/source on GitHub, Bitbucket, Sourceforge or an equivalent repository system and must make the URL available on their project page for verification. For artistic works you may need to create a photo library or share a link to a Googledocs or similar that contains evidence of the stages of your project.

How to enter

  1. Create teams of 2-4 students - max 3 teams per school
  2. Host/participate at an event 10-24 May and invite mentors
  3. Submit videos by 5 pm 24 May on DevPost
  4. If your team is selected into 20 Finalist teams, it will be invited to CogX AI Festival for inspiration on Monday morning 10 June
  5. Teams can return to school and carry on building their projects with or without the help of mentors
  6. Teams will return to pitch live at Demo Day on 12 June 9 am at CogX


Sherry Coutu

Sherry Coutu

Judging Criteria

  • Judging Criteria
    Design & Implementation; Innovation; Technical Complexity; Social Impact; Commercial Viability.